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Sponsoring Workshops

Workshop Sponsorships

In some instances smaller communities will combine training with two or more organizations in order to fill a class. These workshops can be completed during the day or completed in two back to back evenings hours following the participants regular work schedule or on weekends.


A not-for-profit agency, the local Chamber of Commerce, a Service Club or even a motivated individual will normally sponsor the event and will be responsible for advertising the workshop, registering participants and providing a venue. In exchange for sponsoring the workshop, Parker Communications Group will provide incentives to the sponsor. For example, one of the following,

  1. A session for a group of high school students to assist in the students future career direction

  2. A percentage of the net profits from the workshop.

  3. No charge enrollment for a specific number of participants.

Level One Certification Training Partnerships

In order to have the minimum number of participants per class wishing to become Level 1 Personality Dimensions facilitators, Parker Communications Group will partner with a sponsoring agency or individual that is responsible for enrolling the required number of participants. Organizations will normally sponsor in order to cut travel and accommodation costs as well as securing no cost enrollments while individuals will do so in order to either commission or to secure no-cost enrollment.

Please contact for more information regarding the workshop sponsorship or Certification Training partnerships

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