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Jubilee Lodge

About eight years ago I was asked to do some temperament tying workshops for Qualicare, an organization that has nursing homes in Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert and Ponoka. I guess they were somewhat pleased with the outcomes as I recently got asked to return and just finished a series of eight workshops at one of their facilities, the Jubilee Lodge Nursing Home in Edmonton. These latest sessions were quite personal to me as I now have a sister who is a resident there. At one point in the past I had asked her how she was treated there, and she said fine and that she liked it at Jubilee. You always wonder however especially with what has been in the news lately. But, after completing the workshops, I can see why she would make that statement to me. Even by the end of the first workshop I was confident in the care she receives from these wonderful folks. By the end of the eighth I can see why she cares so much for her “new family”. Of course, there was an abundance of “blues” but overall there is a nice blend of all four temperaments. As always, I had fun (and to think I get paid for doing this) and got to meet some very nice people. One of the ladies working there by the name of Jennifer really stood out to me. In all my years training I have only had one other participant whose balance of preferences was as close as hers. I could only wish that I could strengthen my two paler colors to be as balanced as she is. You rock girl! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to go back in another eight years. Thanks to Bonnie at Jubilee for thinking of me. I’m going to try to update is blog every month or sooner, so please keep checking back in.

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