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Parker Communications Group offers Personality Dimensions Training for individuals wishing to become Personality Dimensions® Level I Facilitators. This training is offered, as much as possible, in the participants local area in order to reduce loss of time away from work as well as travel and accommodation costs.

The 22-hour training, spread over three days, provides participants with the certification as Personality Dimensions® Facilitators allowing them to promote themselves as such to deliver Awareness and Applications workshops. Previous exposure to adult facilitation and to Personality Dimensions® is required to be eligible for this workshop. (A free eligibility workshop may be made available prior to the training) The cost of the three day training is $1100.00 per participant which includes all required course materials and certification. Training certifications may be eligible for the Alberta/Canada Job Grant.



While training classes are normally smaller groups providing a more intimate learning atmosphere and the opportunity for greater individual attention, a minimum of 5 participants is required for the training to be implemented.

Program Definitions

Qualified Level I Facilitators complete a minimum of 22 hours of in-depth training over and above any introductory programs. This training involves acquiring an understanding and appreciation for the history and theoretical background of the tool, as well as practical facilitation techniques and strategies for handling problems which may arise in an awareness or application session.

Following successful completion of the training, qualified facilitators may:

  • purchase training and related materials from Career/LifeSkills Resources;

  • promote themselves as Qualified Facilitators (level I) both inside and outside their organization;

  • organize and conduct Introductory and Application sessions;

  • charge for their services;


Participants must successfully complete an exam on the third day in order to gain their qualification status and should anticipate home work on the evenings of the first and second day of the program.


Adult facilitation experience; attendance at a 3-hour Personality Dimensions® Awareness workshop.


Please contact for more information regarding partnering with Parker Communications Group to learn the requirments to proceed with training in your area as well as the benefits of the partnership

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