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Upon starting Parker Communications Group in Alberta, Richard realized that most of
the temperament typing workshops and certification training were being delivered in the larger urban centres. This meant that participants in smaller rural communities were forced to travel to “the city” to participate in the training. He determined that Parker Communications Group could reach out into the smaller centres providing the same training opportunities but without the added expense of time, travel and accommodation  expenses that individuals and organizations incur. Therefore while he does offer training in the city, marketing efforts are structured to concentrate the company efforts in smaller rural communities thereby providing them with the same opportunity to schedule  workshops and training with the facilitator/trainer coming to them.

True Colors Level 1
True Colors Level 2
PD Certificate Level II

Who has Parker Communications delivered workshops for?


  • Community Futures Strathcona

  • Community Futures Yellowhead East

  • The Kingfisher Beach Resort and Spa

  • Comox Valley Beauty School

  • Sylvandale Nursery

  • The Echo Newspaper Publication

  • Qualicare Corporation – (Jubilee Nursing Home, Citadel, Rivercrest Nursing Home)


  • Human Resources Skill Development Canada

  • Ministry of Human Resources (Province of BC)


  • CUPE Conference (SD # 71)

  • School District # 71

  • Tourism Immersion (SD # 71)

  • Cumberland Junior High Teachers Group

Not for Profit:

  • Katimivick

  • Youth In Business

  • N.E.W. Entrepreneurial Program

  • Aboriginal Head Start Program

  • Central Alberta Singles Club

  • Creative Employment Access Society

  • Nuuh-Chah- Nulth Youth Entrepreneurial Conferernce

  • Courtenay Recreational Society (Leader In Training)

  • Comox Valley Community Information Society

  • CV Early Childhood Development Centre

  • Campbell River Association for Community Living

  • Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce

  • Comox Valley Home Based Business Society

  • Women In Trades & Technology

  • Courtenay Rotary Club

Where does the training take place?

Who & What is Parker Communications Group?

Richard Parker, the principal of Parker Communications, is a Level II Personality
Dimensions® Trainer with a background in business as an owner/operator, sales,
management plus management in the nonprofit sector. A strong believer in the value of
good communications and team work he became interested in temperament typing in
the late nineties and has since presented over three hundred personality typing workshops to varied individuals, groups and organizations. These informative and humourous workshops are designed to be highly interactive and non-threatening while providing participants with the self-discovery of their natural strengths and preferences benefitting themselves and the organization they work or volunteer for. His interest in temperament typing started as a component of his job description while working for a non-profit agency that assisted unemployed adults re-enter the workplace. From there as his knowledge and belief in temperament typing grew it became a hobby, leading to facilitating workshops for other nonprofits. When he finally realized the full benefits of the training Richard started his own company Parker Communications Group and began promoting his services to educational, non- profit and corporations. While much of his temperament typing was completed on Vancouver Island he was drawn back to his home province of Alberta and after retiring from a
successful sales career, he continued with his passion and enjoyment of facilitating and training in temperament typing. Although the company name suggests a larger company, it really is a one man show. The “Group” came about while contracting with other self minded people on Vancouver Island to deliver workshops and supports to start up companies.

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